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Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC offers complete speech education for people who stutter, stammer or clutter in the individual setting of a Skype classroom. After learning and beginning to follow the natural speech patterns (speech etalons), you will no longer have to suffer from embarrassing speech mistakes (stuttering). Now, you can learn to identify the errors you make unconsciously in your speech and eliminate those bad habits for life by consciously controlling your naturally adequate speech behavior! You can reprogram you mind!

There is a wide range of reasons for people to never learn, learn incorrectly or forget the natural patters of speech behaviors. It could have been a person’s immaturity in handling high stress or traumatic experiences, frequent contact with insufficient speakers (stutterers) or a result of their experience of inappropriate professional assistance of conventional speech therapy. No matter when and what kind of interruption of the natural process of acquisition of speech skills has occurred in a person’s life, the fact of the matter is that it is never late to complete your speech education: learn how to speak appropriately and enjoy your naturally relaxing speech for the rest of your life!

Research has found that irregular speech patterns are often established during childhood and developmental years, when there is minimal awareness of naturally regular speech patterns. At Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC, children and adults alike can learn how to identify and fix stuttering.

In conventional speech therapy, it is often thought that stuttering is a neurological or even genetic abnormality that requires some type of cure or incorrect behavior management for correction. However, stuttering occurs when acting according to the misconceptions about speech in their memory, speakers use inadequately (unnaturally) the muscles of their body. In fact, stuttering is a disorder that stems from the incorrect programming of the mind. The majority of stutters cannot distinguish proper speech patterns on their own as they attempt to perform their improper speech actions automatically (unconsciously). The Etalon method has proven this to be true in over 2000 success stories of our program graduates.

The key to producing proper speech is first to know exactly what speech actions one must perform in order to produce adequate speech and second, be always conscious of these naturally appropriate speech actions while executing them one at a time. The Etalon method at Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC is the first in the World complete and most efficient way to improve this self-awareness for any individual so he/she can eliminate stuttering and other speech imperfections for life. The Etalon method, taught in the speech education classes at Speech Academie Etalon International, focuses on sharing information that can enable a stutterer to reprogram his own mind, learn the coordination of his own speech muscles and grow his individual speech skills independently.

Now you can eliminate stuttering and speak freely! Get in touch for more information on speech, stuttering and the Etalon program.

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