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Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC provides alternative and 100% logical natural solution towards stuttering, stammering and cluttering. I use a specially designed method of speech self-education, which I conduct in the individual setting of a Skype classroom. I will identify and explain to you your existing inadequate speech patterns. Then, I will teach you the naturally adequate speech behavior, so you can imitate it and feel good about what and how you speak in any situation and any time!

Through the three decades of my experience in speech therapy, I have come to understand the flaws in conventional speech therapy approach and methods that focus on finding a cure for the lack of learned adequate speech skills. Instead, I have found a different 100% logical and effective approach to correcting any speech imperfections through speech self-education. It is called the ETALON (standard, model, reference) method and it is proven to reliably enable any stutterer to get rid of their inadequate speech behavior.

The ETALON method focuses on understanding the typical speech patterns (etalons), which is a universal speech code followed by all adequate speakers of any language. Using this information, you will be able to identify the mistakes in your own speech habits, and then correct them for naturally logical and perfect speech. With dedication, hard work, and the ETALON method, you, too, can have perfect speech today!

At Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC, I do everything online, so you can participate in my speech education classes anywhere and anytime. The ETALON method is taught using a three-day intensive psychophysical training in the individual Skype classroom. During the 3-day intensive study course you will learn the basic foundation for an adequate speech pattern. By understanding how speech patterns work and beginning to perform your speech actions with the etalon logic, you will no longer have to guess and make mistakes when you speak!

The program of the complete speech education for the elimination of stuttering at Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC will provide you with the information you need to fix any type of stuttering or other speech difficulties you may have. Call me today to learn more about speech education!

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