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Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko, INC will educate you (or your loved one) speaking naturally, with eloquence and ease! Using a breakthrough scientific approach towards education, it is now possible to eliminate unwanted speaking habits such as stuttering, stammering and clattering. You can coordinate your speech muscles, grow your ideal speech skills and enjoy the comfort of your ability to relax by expressing your thoughts and ideas verbally everywhere and every time!

At Speech Academie Etalon International, we share with our students all they need to know about naturally adequate speech actions! We use a method of complete speech self-education, which is designed as an intensive 3-day psychophysical training called ETALON - a well researched and proven successful (by over 2,000 former stutterers’ cases!) method to self-correct improper speech by voluntary diligent efforts of a stutterer himself. The best part is that unlike speech therapy (where a client is offered to “try”/practice some hypothesis, artificial unproven/anecdotal techniques and tips for some time in order to be able to manage/decrease stuttering in some unknown future), the Etalon method provides clear, precise and 100% effective directions on how to eliminate any improper speech behaviors and become a normal speaker in the present moment almost instantly!

Through my experience as a conventional speech therapist for the past 30+ years and as a speech educator for the last 3 years, I, Anna Deeter, have written and publicly spoken about the challenges of dealing with speech issues, and I am now thrilled to share my knowledge and experiences with you so you could finally grow, master and become a confident and proud owner of your own speech skills!

Most of the business of Live Stutter Free - the English language division of the Speech Academie Etalon International - comes from the numerous video reports that demonstrate the success of each and every Etalon program graduate who completed their online study course in the individual Skype classroom and stopped stuttering in as little as three days.

The Etalon method is a set of natural norms, rules, laws and precise samples of model behaviors to follow. Upon understanding and beginning to follow them, you can self-adjust the function of your brain to the most efficient naturally normal level. In addition to learning how to produce ideal speech, you can also correct, make efficient and perfect the operation of your attention, memory and all other functions of your body. Based on appropriate acquisition and precise use of the Etalon method’s information, you can self-change your whole personality and become more productive. By self-adjusting to the etalon standard as a whole person and beginning to act in accordance with the etalon norms, you can change yourself in general - transform your whole life into that of an ETALON (MODEL) person!

I invite you to the fabulously wonderful world of "Etalon" - a world, in which a man is the creator and master of his own healthy, happy and productive life; a world in which you can make a dream of perfect speech a reality with your own logical responsible actions!

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